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I don’t have a plan tonight.  I don’t have any scribbly notes I’ve left in the bathroom from my 5:30 a.m. make-up routine.  I don’t even have any witty comments swirling around in my head.  Tonight is just for reflection.  Candor is more relatable anyway, don’t you think?  This is the last “official” post of my 30 Days of Blogging.  I stumbled upon this challenge out of nowhere.  I can’t even tell you what I was looking up the day I found Sarah Arrow and her Facebook group.  But, it seemed like a good idea.  Why not?  I always liked writing.  As a tween and young adult I would obsess over it.  Rereading and tweaking papers and poems for assignments.  It was challenging.  And fun.  I could be or do or say anything I wanted, because that was my piece of paper and these were MY thoughts.




Perhaps to you that’s juvenile.  Maybe you don’t see the point in writing thoughts for the sake of writing thoughts.  That’s ok.  I don’t see the point in a lot of things.  Like wearing pants on some days.  Or knowing all symbols on the periodic table.  However, common sense and gut instinct tell me that sometimes my ideas might be frowned upon.  And, for the most part, I should probably adhere myself to society’s general rules.




There are a few things I’ve rehashed in the last 30 days of this blogging adventure.  Some of them are things I’ve known for a long time.  Some of them are insightful, “ah-ha” moments.  I can’t even tell you how many points are about to spew out of my mouth.  At this stage, the number in the title of this post is just a couple of brackets.   Maybe I’ll leave it that way.  You know, for the sake of candor.


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This Saturday morning started off the same as they usually do.  There’s something precious about routine.  I opened my eyes to find my 4 year old’s feet about 2 inches from my face.  Slowly, very slowly I roll the other direction.  Any sudden movements and I could lose an eyeball.  I try my best to slither my way out of bed.  You see, it’s just now 6:30.  This equates an hour of “sleep in” time from my weekly routine.  And if I play my cards right, I just might get an hour or two of ALONE time before the miniatures start rousing.  SQUEE!!!!


First things first – coffee.   Well almost.  The dog is dancing around my feet.  This is also an hour past normal “potty” time.  If I walk too briskly  to let her out, she starts running too! Ninety pounds of running boxer on wood floors equals morning quiet time sabotage.  We have to tiptoe. Like ninjas.  Slow and steady pace.  Prancing dog follows.  Sliding door cracks open and……

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Look out, Picasso.  My daughter painted this last night.  She’s four.  Isn’t it cool? I love her interest in painting.  It absolutely makes my day. The colors and the whimsy of it.  She’s tender-hearted and sweet like candy.  This paper embodies my sweet girl by way of her favorite form of expression. Maybe I’m partial.  I did birth her and all.  I don’t know if this is her “gift”.  I just know that she enjoys doing it, so I tend to embellish.




I’m surprised by the “gifts” I encounter in the many children I interact with each day. Sometimes they are blatantly obvious.  Sometimes not so much. October becomes a month of perspective.  I’ve had 2 months to get to know the little minds I’m working with each day.  October is my chance to get to know the parents.  Parent/teacher conferences are in full swing this week.  I feel like my room has been a revolving door.  I’m meeting with parents on all possible breaks during the day.  By “break” I mean the kids aren’t in the room.  It can be exhausting – trying to juggle a fully packed day of teaching, conferences, answering questions of the college students there to observe.  Bathroom breaks, what?!  No time for those!  I actually stuffed 2/3 of my lunch down the hatch tonight at 4:30, on the way to picking up Claude Monet from her preschool.

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Wouldn’t it be sweet if fake flowers for outdoor landscaping was a thing?  I mean, consider this seriously.  Vibrant color all year long.  No watering.  No trimming.  No maintenance!  Such were my thoughts this evening as I pulled in the drive to check out my dehydrated mums.  See?  I think one of them just coughed up dust.



Overturned mum. Is this symbolic of my inability to keep these things alive?


I LOVE mums.  I buy them every year.  And I fail to take them out of their little pots.  And I let them wither.  And then they die.  Because I’m an awful person and I lack a green thumb.  One could argue it’s more a lack of time than plant knowledge.  I say it’s a good combo of both.

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I spend a lot of time making fun of the everyday follies that I seem to naturally attract. I’m glad I can share these experiences with others.  Who doesn’t love a good laugh?  However, I do actually have a few methods to my madness.  And, lo and behold, I thought you all would like to know how I manage to tread water in spite of such occurrences.   It’s another “10 List”!!!  Get ready!  It’s always important to keep yourself a step ahead.  For example, I know that EVERY time I heat up an “easy mac” bowl for my darling daughter (because that’s all she will flipping eat on some days),  I know, without a doubt, that it’s going to overflow all over my microwave turntable.  This leaves a soppy, disgusting mess.  So, preplanning is beautiful.  Put the whole set up on a plate.  Boom.  Overflow hits the plate.  Plate hits the sink of dirty dishes.


Too petty for you?  Well, my friends, we can go deeper.  Look into my over-the-top-attempt-at-sultry eyes.  We can delve much deeper..


Maybe my tips will work for you.  Maybe they won’t.  If you’re curious, read on!


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Do you see this? I’ve been seducing it with my eyeballs for about the last 15 minutes. That’s about how long I’ve been home this evening. It’s 8:30 p.m. and I left the house at 7 a.m. That’s right. Do the math.



After a full day of teaching, I have endured an evening of Fall Festival fun at my place of employment. It was the big, annual school carnival put on by our PTO.  It really is a fantastic event for our school. And I love seeing all of my little friends, old and new. However, I spent most of the evening holding hands with my 4 year old because she refused to leave the playground area. It’s still “holding” if she’s trying to play dead and sob on the ground of the parking lot, right? My son, you ask. I caught glimpses of him here and there.  He took off with his buddies. Don’t worry. I managed to get video footage of him in between carnival games,  doing the whip/nae nae. His future wife will love me.

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Upon opening the door to my class bathroom, I had but one thing in mind.  I’ve got less than a minute and a half to get in and get out of here and get my kids picked up at recess.  How does this happen?  How do I manage to run around my room for approximately 38 minutes and some change, cleaning prepping, organizing.  Where does the time go?  Did I even eat?  I glance over at the half eaten celery stick and crumbs on my desk.  Well, sort of.

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Do you ever have one of THOSE days?  Nothing seems to go the way it’s supposed to.  Hi.  That’s me.  Today.  I’ve just hopped off of my treadmill.  This fantastic invention is not my favorite place to exercise.  But, as the mother of young kids there seem to be very few opportunities to just take off galloping down the road.  So, I run indoors.  A lot.  Next to the couch.  Where today my 4 year old is laying with her favorite cup and the Netflix streaming.  Yep, I took a sick day today.  It’s a whole lot easier as a teacher to just work anyway, when it’s YOU that is sick.  You see, the day still has to run smoothly without you.  So, either you are planning for yourself… or you have to leave very precise and detailed plans for someone else.  More work.  But when it’s your kids, you wave the white flag.  I was actually supposed to go on my son’s second grade field trip today.  I had taken a personal day to chaperone.  A day off to be with school children of a different age.  Ironic, I know.  So you can imagine his disappointment when I told him I couldn’t go today.  Ugh.   Some days I need eight arms and the ability to clone myself.  Some days the music in my earbuds can’t be loud enough.  It’s what I do when I need to not think.  I need loud music and a fast pace.  Well.. fast for me.  We don’t need to get technical here.


It’s a good Pandora station.  They go through some of the oldie goodies.  You know the type.  Those songs that make you feel like you could Hulk smash just about anything.  It’s loud and fast and sometimes it doesn’t even sound melodic.  Tell me there are others of you that can appreciate this practice and/or music.  No?

Well, this is awkward.

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Technology, here I come!  Still chasing the wagon, here.  But,  I’ve spent the last hour figuring out how to combat spam and also add cool things like subscription boxes for my site.  So, if you find me worthy of a subscription, all you have to do is add your e-mail address and click subscribe.   You’ll then get a confirmation e-mail to activate. I know this because I just used my sister as a guinea pig and she said it was successful.  That way, all of my gloriousness will be in your inbox every time I post!!! You.ARE.welcome!    Feel free to continue sharing this page with others.  I love hearing feedback and making new friends!


I’m keeping it short and sweet today.  I’ve got a mountain of schoolish things to do to get ready for the next couple of weeks.  Quick thoughts – keep doing that thing that you love.  Festivals, Friends and the Lord’s Prayer made it to an online magazine in Indonesia last night.  Cool, eh?  So today makes my 3rd article on a site other than my own….. somewhere ooouuuuut there.  Hush, Linda Rondstadt!  No time for musical humor today.


And spammers, beware.  I’ve been reading up on all the down and dirty.  You’ve been officially hijacked. I have nunchucks and I will use them.





Our Father, who art in Heaven..

Hallowed be thy name,

Thy kingdom come,

Thy will be done in Earth

As it is in Heaven….


I’m assuming you’ve heard this prayer before.  I remember reciting it most nights before bed as a little girl.  I had big plans to be a slacker today and not think too much about whatever I sling into cyberspace.  Maybe an easy blurb about my techno failures and why I still don’t understand buttons, their numbers, and hyperlinks.  But, something went through me today as I was heading east towards my hometown. If you’re not in the mood for deep and billowy, you might X out now.  I saw this.



Beautiful, eh?  The picture doesn’t really do it justice.   I immediately heard the Lord’s prayer in my head.  Isn’t that crazy? I slowed down long enough to snap a pic on an empty road.  It was early and traffic was nil.  I can’t explain half of the follies that fly off of my fingers these days.  They just…come out. But this was poignant. And beautiful.  Maybe it had something to do with going back to the little town I loved and lived in for so long.  There’s a local festival nearby, you see.  Every year it happens in October.  If you’re familiar with the Midwest, you’ve probably heard of it.  The Covered Bridge Festival brings thousands of people to this little speck on the map.  It’s an atmosphere, a celebration of rustic things.  People come to buy handmade crafts, market like goods, and EAT.  Oh.my.word.  Festival food is like no other.

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