As a little girl I used to spend a lot of time standing on my head.  I don’t know what sparked this peculiar habit.  I suppose in part it was because I was good at it.  I could balance for what seemed like hours to my 4 and 5 year old self.  The world looked different upside down.  It was a childhood delight. My parents would catch me reading that way sometimes.  Now, please don’t dare my 32 year old self to perform such nonsense.  I’m not much for turning down dares these days.  And my valiant attempt would probably slip a disc.


It only feels right as we think on the Thanksgiving holiday to consider our blessings.  After all, that’s the core of the celebration, right?  Had the Pilgrims never met the Indians, this would be the holiday that never was.  With a thankful heart, they celebrated their gratitude. I could sit here and prattle off about 300 reasons that I am joyful.  But, what about those other moments?  You know.  The ones we try to bury.  Or maybe it’s a person, or a relationship, or an ending. It’s funny how the mind works.  Apparently there is a disconnect between the brain and the innards of our souls.  Figures.  Because these recollections are often the most vivid.  Those times that turned our world upside down, we look back on them through a broken lens.  We wish they would vanish in thin air.  Take a hot minute to reflect on those.  The times when you felt sadness or regret.  Let’s stand on our heads for a minute, shall we?  At least metaphorically.

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I experienced something new recently that I felt compelled to share with you.  Chess.  Not that the game of chess is new, but I went to my first tournament last week.  No, I am not a player.  No, I do not understand the rules.  My son, however, has taken a recent interest.  He joined the chess club at school and has been practicing with friends and teachers after school every Thursday for a while now.


I smile at the idea of my son playing chess because he is never one to sit still.  He moves a mile a minute all day long.  He struggles to sit in his chair during the school day.  Not that he can’t pay attention, he just prefers to stand.  He plays sports.  Lots of them.  He loves soccer, football, and wrestling.  He needs a means to exert energy daily.  He has yet to learn the value of being still.  Or, so I thought.  But observing from a distance in a middle school cafeteria, watching him play in this tournament, he was engaged.  Still.  I think he likes the challenge.  I don’t know much about it, but I know it’s a game of strategy.  I admire that competitive component of his DNA.  I also admire his fearlessness.  He doesn’t shy away from much.  Except bugs.  His sister loves to chase him with creepy crawlies.

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Social media observation of the day:  weekend status updates aren’t quite as witty as those posted through the work week.  Agree?   Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.  I’m just saying.  I said so myself earlier this week – it seems like we do our best work in the 11th hour.   From the fountain of “busy” springs forth creativity.  Or witty remarks or what have you.  Maybe I just appreciate the candid off the cuff stuff more.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think we all deserve down time.  For myself, that comes on the weekend.  It’s not like I’m actually kicked back on a meditation pillow and letting sunlight fill my soul from Friday night to Sunday.  I just have a little more time to process and think about things other than #werk.  Oh, and time to listen to Adele.  Because I’m currently a little obsessed with her newest single.  Talk about raw emotion and whoa factor.  Inspiring.   Anyway, brace yourself darlings.  I’ve had some think time.

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I woke up today feeling extra snotty.  By snotty I mean full of boogers.  How’s that for a hook line?


Huge inhale in.


Yep.  I immediately imagine those little cartoon snot characters from the Mucinex-D commercial.  Every time I blow my nose I demand their presence be made so that we can discuss this mutiny.  You know the feeling.  When you wake up and your whole wind pipe is several centimeters smaller than the night before because said cartoon boogers have formed a cavalry line to block the intake of sweet oxygen.

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Well, it happened.  I finished my 30 days of blogging and I face-planted in cyber dirt.  It’s been close to a week now.  The grand finale of busy October ended with wrapping up parent conferences, Halloween activities at school, Halloween fun at home, and attending a wedding.  Yes, I said wedding.  So here I am, trying to get back on track and produce something of substance and effort for this little blog o’ mine. My site traffic is down due to my inactivity.  Sad face.  Share me with your friends, please! Well, not ME.  That would be weird.  I meant the website.  I’m cool and funny.  I’ve got great white girl dance moves and a sense of humor.

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