Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret.   Just kidding. Hello, cyberspace! I hope my hiatus from my little realm of the interwebs finds everyone well. Gosh it’s dusty in here! There is no excuse for my absence. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Try following an elementary teacher around in the month of December and you will understand. Your head may also spin off or you may start “hitting the sauce”, as my grandfather used to say. Busy is a hilarious understatement. Alas, the holiday season is upon us! I am home for 2 solid weeks. Huzzah! I get quality time with friends and family. And solitude. If I plan my day right, I get a little solitude by the lights of the Christmas tree. What person doesn’t get the feels this time of year? Don’t deny it. “White Christmas” starts playing and you get all gooey inside and don the big Puss n Boots kitty cat eyes. If you start talking like Antonia Banderas, too… well, just come on over.

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