And also, Feng Fu

I’m a fixer. How’s that for an opening line? I tend to want to fix things and people and situations. I like to see the triumphs over the tragedies and the silver linings to the rain clouds. I can apply this to most external situations. Personal ones, however, are always harder to do. You see, I think that’s because we always put ourselves last, right? At least I’m fairly certain I do. Children first, always. The nurturing caretaker role of mother, teacher, friend. We lose identities in this way, yet, we all succumb to it here and there.
I’ve been trying real hard lately to work on “fixing” myself. Not that I’m necessarily broken. I consider myself a productive contributor to society. I have great friends and a pretty sturdy set of ideals. But, the journey for improving self-worth is there. Fixing. I’m trying to really focus in on these grand plans that I have for life. But, somehow along the way, the path tends to crumble from time to time. I find myself just going through the motions. And this, my friends, is not the way I plan on living the rest of my life. If you can step outside of yourself and say that out loud…. Well, that’s a first step.

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Does anyone out there remember being a child and sitting at the foot of someone you thought was really wise?  You listened to them tell you a story and your eyes were just wide open with wonder.  I hope you have a memory like that.  For me, it’s the embodiment of my first encounter with wisdom.  That feeling of being awe-struck by someone older and more experienced in the world around us.  Probably it would have been someone you knew well and were very comfortable with.  And it wasn’t just the big eyes, but the full head tilt upward. Because, childhood.. and I’ve never been very tall.  That whole “whoa” experience.

Anyway, I wish I could take those type of feelings and humanize them.  In a sense, what if we could take the undergird of THAT story, THAT lesson, that whatever you remembered and make it a person?  The famous line by E.O. Wilson has recently surfaced on a lot of memes.  You may have seen it.  “We are drowning in information while starving for wisdom.”  I think I’ve posted it a time or two myself.  I don’t think this has ever been more true.  Not that information isn’t necessary.  But wisdom – come on!  Wisdom is what holds together the threads of the universe.  Am I right?  Would you rather be book smart or wise?

So, if wisdom could talk to all of us at this very pivotal point in current history – I think it would have some advice for all of us.  Maybe something along the following lines.

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Good morning!!!  It’s a beautiful day to be on Thanksgiving vacation!  I have so many zings to share with you, now that I have a little bit of time freed up to do things not considered part of survival mode.   Gosh, where to even start? (Insert favorite thinking face emoji here.) Can you tell I’m winging this?  How about them Cubbies?!?! Oh… and holy tacos, the election is big news.

It’s Saturday morning.  My kids are already up and running wild.  I should probably be doing something motherly like fixing them breakfast.  I’ll get to that.  But Imma take a little selfish ‘me time’ first, with my coffee and my laptop.  This is the first day of an extended holiday break from school. Citizens, do not be fooled.  Teachers get just as excited as the students at the thought of many consecutive days off in a row.

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