Turbulence and Feng Fu


And also, Feng Fu

I’m a fixer. How’s that for an opening line? I tend to want to fix things and people and situations. I like to see the triumphs over the tragedies and the silver linings to the rain clouds. I can apply this to most external situations. Personal ones, however, are always harder to do. You see, I think that’s because we always put ourselves last, right? At least I’m fairly certain I do. Children first, always. The nurturing caretaker role of mother, teacher, friend. We lose identities in this way, yet, we all succumb to it here and there.
I’ve been trying real hard lately to work on “fixing” myself. Not that I’m necessarily broken. I consider myself a productive contributor to society. I have great friends and a pretty sturdy set of ideals. But, the journey for improving self-worth is there. Fixing. I’m trying to really focus in on these grand plans that I have for life. But, somehow along the way, the path tends to crumble from time to time. I find myself just going through the motions. And this, my friends, is not the way I plan on living the rest of my life. If you can step outside of yourself and say that out loud…. Well, that’s a first step.

Enter my new fascination with Feng Fu and other interesting holistic things. I’ve always been a little bit hippie, if you will. I like thinking that thousands of years of natural medicines and healing properties surely can’t be wrong. The Feng Fu point is just a spot on the back of your neck. It’s where your muscular structure connects to the base of your skull. It’s an important place if you’re into massage therapy and acupuncture, etc. My friends are having a grand old time with my new “Feng Fu” fascination. I mention a headache – “you better Feng Fu that, Jules”. We’ve had a good laugh or three about how times I’ve “Feng Fu’d” today. If you’re curious, it’s the very simple act of placing an ice cube on that spot on your neck for a few minutes a day. Look it up. It’s supposed to have lots of positive effects on the body! I’m attempting it all week. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll be out a whole 14 ice cubes if it doesn’t work out. If nothing else, I’ve belly laughed over text message Feng Fu snarks more in the last few days than I have in a while. And also Joe Biden ones.  See above photo.  Anyway, have you Feng Fu’d today? Maybe you should…. I’m just saying.
I think the desire to fix what feels broken comes from an honest place. It’s a personal goal lately, but also a societal one right now. I keep harping about the woes of these divided times because they are constantly in our face at the moment. I can’t log on to Facebook or Twitter without seeing ugliness. I get it. I get the anger. I get the need to express it as well. It’s a defense mechanism. We get angry and we lash out as a means to rationalize our own shoddy behavior. And isn’t it true that when we’re at our angriest, we’re also under the assumption that we are right?  No holes barred. It’s happening folks. Right before our very eyes. Even now, post election, people are continuing to demonize the opposing side of what they believe. Imagine what it must be like to NOT be an American citizen right now? We’re basically telling the whole world that you have to choose: Door A and you are a free-spirited libtard or Door B and you get to be a racist misogynist sado-masochist conservatard. There. I said it. I threw it all out on the table for you. I despise those labels, by the way. You’re welcome, America. This is what we’re presenting ourselves as. I can imagine several world leaders, who harbor major disdain for us, standing in the corner right now….golf clapping.
Sure, this is definitely a time of disorientation and turbulence for all of us. But can we all pause for a hot minute and acknowledge that maybe, just MAYBE, there are some nuggets of truth to both sides of the disparity? To be blunt, can’t we just legitimize everyone’s right to the butthurt and start making constructive change?  These are new Wheaton sanctions, starting now.
The greatest lessons we can learn come from the toughest and most confusing rides. Agree? We should probably all stop giving so much energy to the fear of “could be” and start working towards what we can do for the greater good of what actually “is”. Dance with your anger if you must. But, don’t let it take you down in flames.

Everybody Feng Fu tonight and call me in the morning.




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