The Beast of Burden

Good morning, friends! It’s the Thursday of my spring break and here I am, just now sitting down to an actual blog post. I really don’t know how time gets away from me, but it certainly does. Wouldn’t it be great to have a device that regurgitates back to us a little bit of the precious hours we seem to lose? Like the opposite of a smartphone. You know? Because those things are like the ultimate “time suckers”, am I right? Sorry, I just snorted to myself a bit. We’re all guilty of this. Sometimes I think about these little pieces of writing I’m trying to create or these dang kids I’m trying to raise (sarcasm intended) and I want to smash the cell phone into a million little pieces. Because along with all of its blessing, it is such a BURDEN. But then I take a few deep breaths and remember that I, along with the rest of the free world, no longer harbor a land line in my home, and would probably want my children to know how to get a hold of me in any type of emergency – so I give this innocuously small piece of technology the stink-eye for a few more minutes and try moving on.


Admit it. Your cell phone can be a problem. It, along with 100 million other things that move at lightning speed these days, keep us ridiculously occupied. Maybe you’re a parent. Maybe you work full time. Maybe you’re going back to school to work on or further a degree. Maybe you’re about to become all three of those things. Maybe as I write this my fingers have slowed pace with the realization that I am that person and will probably need heavily medicated before this is all over….. I’m kidding! Sort of.


I guess my point this morning as I’m drinking my coffee and watching a completely biased news piece on ‘the state of the things’ is that sometimes it feels like we’re sitting in a vacuum watching the world spin out of control around us. Maybe that vacuum is a Thursday morning, on spring break, drinking all the coffee. It’s like the rare moment you stop and reflect, because most of the time you’re spinning out of control with the rest of the world. You feel me? And we’re all falling victim to this two pronged dung pile that is the current state of the nation: 1) Who are you siding with? What story do you buy stock in? Because the propagandas are errywheres!!! And 2) How are you reacting to it?


There. Let that sink in a moment. I find myself somewhat removed from number 1. I don’t really buy into anybody’s song and dance these days. I, like many people, am a busy person who realizes that in order to find the ACTUAL truth to things, I need to go on a treasure hunt. The first step there requires finding non-biased news media sources – so scratch every major television network. Therefore, the great hunt is online. And even there you will need to weed through the quagmire of public documents, actual budgets, and then start cross referencing to find small nuggets of the truth! AH-HA!!!! It’s so easy, right?!?!
Excuse me while I unroll my eyeballs.
Seriously though, friends, it’s brilliant on the policy maker’s end – knowing that most of us don’t have the time to go on such goose chases. So, we simply choose sides. We want to believe so badly sometimes in whatever best fits our own personal truths. That’s easier.

Now, number 2 in the earlier stated two pronged dung pile is most interesting to me. I guess that’s because I enjoy being a people watcher. You know, like at concerts, when you and your friends used to play that “life story” game about couples or individuals sitting next to you on the lawn. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about! For serious though, how are you reacting to all of this? There are a lot of haters running rampant. I want so badly to shake my finger and remind them what ALL of the greats have said – Gandhi, Dr. King, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dalai Lama, Jesus Christ to name a few – hate proliferates hate. Reread that! A lot of times!!! Sorry. I like being bossy sometimes.


So, this is our beast of burden. The Rolling Stones were on to something. Though I believe the song was actually about animals laboring to the benefit of man and its parallel to Mick Jagger carrying the band because errrybody else was strung out on heroin. I digress. And don’t quote me on that. Or anything else. Sometimes I mistakenly think I know things.


But I still have hope. That’s H-O-P-E. I still believe that there are other weirdos out there, like me, who also still have hope that we don’t have to continue re-enacting the fall of the Roman Empire. There are better ways. Pray about it. Think about it. Be still. Be quiet. I think answers come to us when we actually shut up for a few minutes.


I hope you enjoyed this cheeky, completely off the cuff little blurb this morning. It will never make publishing material like some of my others, but that’s just fine with me. To paraphrase Hemingway, sometimes we just need to bleed.


Peace and Monkey Grease.


Newest candidates for Congress.  They look like they get along.

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