The Dynamic Pragmatics of Semantic Swag

Sorry, guys. I couldn’t fit another word ending in –ic to the end of the title. I know how disappointed all of you are. In linguistic terms, these word similarities might be called a word family. I could have also titled this as “Linguistics and Other Life Concepts That Are Hard to Grasp”. I can explain. Keep reading.

Some of you have noticed my absence in the blogging realm recently and have even commented on this fact in person. I know, I know. I’m failing over here. No recent posts to this site. No recent publications to magazine sites. Such is the dynamics of the life things when busy-ness takes over. Those of you that know me personally know that I’ve taken on a couple of classes this summer at a local college. These will hopefully go towards a Master’s degree someday. And boy have I discovered why they call it “Master’s” degree. I’ve been happy to go through life with a BA, jack of all trades and master of none. (sort of kidding here). I’ll throw a few linguistic terms in here for shiz and giggles. Try to keep up.

Anyway, going back to school is just one more thing I would like to check off the bucket list. Believe you me, this is not without hesitation. Like, why bother? My kids are practically walking metaphors for eating Oreos and brushing your teeth at the same time. In a broader sense of “why bother”, (this would be called “meta”) here we are at a moment in political time when ELL programs all around are catching the stink eye by the federal government. In this instance I think the powers that be need to stop giving haircuts before going to Beauty School. But, I digress. And this is neither here nor there or remotely on my radar for this post. I’ll attempt to stop squirrelling for a while.


No, instead I’m surfacing to point out that sometimes life point us in directions we don’t always expect. I was fully intending to be halfway done writing a book this summer. Not like a magazine article. Like a big one. You know, the type that hits paperback someday. And I’m kind of there. Piece by piece and in my own time working on that puzzle. But, this summer I have taken pause to work on other things. Things that I think I have to see through in order to get back to that other puzzle, if that makes any sense at all. And we all have those times where we really shine, right? I like to think of those as our real badass moments. I mean, come on. Sometimes I can throw words down on a paper like a mother. Am I right?

I took a risk in sounding gangster just now for the sake of humor. Did it work out?


You might be able to coin what I just did there as pragmatic confusion, seeing as how white American female with a Starbuck’s app on my iPhone I may or may not be. Pragmatics by definition, in case you’re wondering, is how we interpret things depending on the context of the situation. You see, I’m sitting here in the Fresh Thyme parking lot, scribbling down these thoughts like a crazy person on my receipt. Because my appreciation for all natural vegan and cruelty free deodorant has caused complications in my weekly trips to the Wal-mart. So, inserting a #thuglife into this mix might cause pragmatic confusion. The semantics of all of this would be you, poor reader, trying to pull meaning out of my reckless babble and word play. (At least, I THINK I have that correct.) But, if you read all that carefully enough you probably laughed. So there’s that.


I’m just having moment of reflection here. With my Starbucks and my organic deodorant purchases in hand. Seriously though, our ideas of what life should be is just that: an idea. And as much as I like those shining moments when I’m cranking out blogs and getting e-mails from people about writing possible articles, I’m enjoying this phase, too. It’s humbler. And I’m learning a lot. And it feels good to take a seat and be the student once in a while. It’s an awkward feeling. But I’m growing here in this awkward moment. Ultimately… no, ironically.. it’s when we actually let go of our version of reality that we actually win. Does that make sense? In other words, quit trying so damn hard to BE something. Rather, if we focus our energies on what makes us FEEL something…. Well, to me, that is the highest form of ‘being’ anything. And that, my friends, is truly beautiful.

“She grew up in an Indiana town….”

Peace and monkey grease,

P.S. Syntactically speaking ‘peace and monkey grease’ has no real meaning. It’s a discombobulation of words and order and doesn’t really go together at all. I was never really good at following rules.

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